Letters from the Producer 15: Switch Update "Titans and the Iron Front" Now Available!

Hello everyone! I’m Igarashi, the producer of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.

We’re very happy to announce that the “Titans and the Iron Front” update for the Nintendo Switch version
of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia is now available.
This producer letter is to express our gratitude toward our fans who have played the Switch version or are
considering the PS4 version. We’ll also be sharing some details about this exciting new update.

To begin with, I’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who has already bought and played the game!
The objective of this update was to offer those who have already played through the game extensively
something new to tinker with as the year comes to an end.
Please update the game to rediscover a fresh new Runersia!
If you’re thinking about buying the PS4 version that will be launching next week on December 10,
rest assured that “Titans and Iron Front” will be available as a day one update for your enjoyment.

There are around 30 new updates for the game this time.
You can check the full details here,
Update Patch “TITANS AND THE IRON FRONT” Patch Notes

but there are a few in particular I’d like to explain in a bit more detail in this letter.

■ New Difficulty: Custom
This new difficulty allows you to customize up to 8 settings.
You can now make the game easier than Easy or harder than Hard if you like!
For example, if you found the Demo too hard, try these settings on your next playthrough:
Base Difficulty: Easy / Time Limit: None / Mana Acquisition: Player: 2x
EXP Acquisition: Player 2x / Revival Stone: Per Season
I think you’ll find that the game becomes much easier to handle this way!
On the other hand, players looking for the ultimate challenge can adjust the settings to
favor enemy countries so as to test your skills to the max!
Many players have also told us they want to play the highest difficulty without any time limit,
and this custom difficulty feature was created partly to meet those requests as well.

■ CPU Combat AI Update
One of the 8 settings of the custom difficulty is CPU Defensive AI.
This is a new AI algorithm that determines the CPU’s defensive play style.
Select “Guard Castle Hex” and the CPU will deploy and keep troops around their castle (base) hex.
This makes it more difficult to lure knights from their formation, forcing you to come up with new tactics!
Skirmishes around the base will become more intense, making it harder to clinch victory.
Camping at the base and waiting for enemies during defensive battles is a strategy often used by human players,
so we’ve implemented this tactic for the CPU AI as well.
Do also note that the “Guard Castle Hex” AI is only available in Custom Difficulty.
As long as there are no custom settings configured, enemies on all difficulties on the Main and Challenge Modes
will be using the same AI as always.
(However, enemy AI has been tweaked to be slightly more difficult to tackle in Hard.)
If you set CPU Defensive AI to “Random”, you won’t know which AI the enemy is on until you get to the battle.
You’ll have to change tactics on the fly depending on enemy behavior, which may make battles more thrilling!

■ New Monsters: Titan and Shadow Goblin
Adding new knights, classes, and monsters has been on the table since the start,
as we knew that would delight the player base.
We have added two new monsters to the game in time for this year-end update.
Once you try these unique new monsters out, you’ll see that they have well-developed merits
as well as a few lovable flaws at the same time.
They’re likely to be very useful when you’re trying out strategies against the new Guard Castle Hex AI!

■ Auto Mode Button
Each battle tends to take quite a bit of time to complete, and we’d been wanting to
improve on this aspect of the game.
So for this update, we’ve implemented a function that turns Auto Mode on or off with a single button click.
You can take the following steps right after a battle starts until your troops make contact with the enemies:
1) Move only the knight during player turn. 2) Standby knight and turn Auto Mode on with the Left Stick.
3) Monsters start moving automatically. 4) While the last monster is still moving, turn Auto Mode off.
5) Repeat these steps for troop B, moving just the knight. 6) Move monsters using Auto Mode.

■ New Functions Improving Playability
We’ve also added a number of quality of life functions that improve playability, such as a Manage Items UI,
Info panels, Options settings, and others.
You can check the details in the list that was linked above.
These improvements were made with the feedback of many players in mind, so thank you for the suggestions!

That’s all from us for the update this time.
There are still a lot of other things we want to add in future updates as well.
We’ve received so much good feedback, requests, and wonderful ideas from all of you that we agree with.
I really feel like the player base sees this game heading in the same direction as I’d like it to go!
This is a brand new entry to the series after 20 long years, and country conquest simulation games
like Brigandine are not really mainstream these days.
Despite that, you took a leap of faith and purchased the game, although it wasn’t exactly the cheapest,
and some of you even bought a new console just to play it! That’s why we wanted with all our hearts to
make this free update available by the end of the year.
In that sense, I guess you could say that we’ve moved one step ahead with our goals as well!
Although we do not have details to share about any potential future updates quite yet,
we assure you that we won’t stop trying to bring something new to everyone who has supported us.
The launch of the PS4 version next week will be yet another milestone in our goal to
allow as many people as possible to enjoy this game!

As always, thank you for reading!