2022.05.11Letters from the Producer 17: Steam Release!
2022.05.11Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Launches Today on Steam with Brand-new Features
2022.04.05Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia will launch on PC (via Steam) on May 11, 2022
2021.02.01Switch Version 1.1.5 Update (PlayStation 4 Version 1.15)
2021.01.18Switch Version 1.1.4 Update (PlayStation 4 Version 1.14)
2020.12.24Known Issues With Trophy Acquisition
2020.12.18Notice for PlayStation4 Version:Update Ver1.13
2020.12.15Known issue
2020.12.10"Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia" is now available for the PS4!
2020.12.10Letters from the Producer 16: The PS4 Version Launches Today!
2020.12.09PS4 version of the online manual
2020.12.03Letters from the Producer 15: Switch Update "Titans and the Iron Front" Now Available!
2020.12.03Update Patch "TITANS AND THE IRON FRONT"
2020.11.26Update Info
2020.11.12Letters from the Producer 14 :The PS4 Version Has Gone Gold and Game Update News
2020.10.30Strategy guide
2020.09.24Notice - PS4 version set for 12/10/2020
2020.09.24Letters from the Producer 13: PS4 Release & Future Brigandine Developments
2020.08.06Letters from the Producer 12: Regarding Future Updates
2020.08.06Notice for Patch Notes Version 1.0.3
2020.07.17The online manual has been updated.
2020.06.25A relationship chart for the six nations has been released.
2020.06.25Letters from the Producer 11: Game Launch
2020.06.24Notice for Patch Notes Version 1.0.2
2020.06.24Notice for Posting Videos
2020.06.24Online Manual
2020.06.12Letters from the Producer 10: Demo Feedback
2020.06.15Update on the characters of the Holy Gustava Empire
2020.05.29Letters from the Producer 9: Monster Design (Part 2)
2020.05.29Update on the characters of the United Islands of Mirelva
2020.05.15Letters from the Producer 8: Monster Design (Part 1)
2020.05.08Update on the characters of the Mana Saleesia Theocracy
2020.04.30Demo Now Available!
2020.04.30Letters from the Producer 7: Demo Release
2020.04.22Letters from the Producer 6: Nation-Based Strategic Difficulty (Part 2)
2020.04.17Letters from the Producer 5: Nation-Based Strategic Difficulty (Part 1)
2020.04.10Update Character Page
2020.04.01Letters from the Producer 4: Records of History and Options Settings
2020.03.31Update on the characters of the Shinobi Tribe
2020.03.19Updated Producer Letter.
2020.03.13Updated Producer Letter.
2020.03.11We released a Producer Letter
2020.02.27Available June 25, 2020!
2020.02.26We have just opened our English Twitter account
2019.10.04We have released music videos
2019.09.06Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia@TGS!
2019.09.05We launched official website

Runersia 781.
A new era of war is being ushered in
by five nations and a small tribe, each with
conflicting ideals, beliefs, histories,
and faiths.

O visitor to this world,
who will you become,
and what will you fight for?

When you finally unify the continent,
memories from the Record of Runersia
will revive,

and you will come to know...
Every story that’s played out here
on this continent of Runersia.

Title BRIGANDINE The Legend of Runersia
Release date Nintendo Switch June 25, 2020
PlayStation®4 December 10, 2020
Steam®May 11, 2022
Price -
Models Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4,Steam®
Genre Turn-based Strategy
Players 1
Rating RP
Languages English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese