Patch Notes (Nintendo Switch : Ver 1.1.2、PlayStation 4 : Ver 1.12)

* Added Custom Difficulty.
You can now customize up to 8 settings to enjoy a wider range of game difficulty.

* Added high-level monsters Titan and Shadow Goblin.

*”Note: While in combat, you can now turn Auto Mode ON by pressing the L Stick (left stick),
and OFF by pressing either the L Stick (left stick) again, the A Button (○ button), or the B Button (× button).”
Toggle Auto Mode ON/OFF whenever you like, such as when you come into contact with an enemy unit or only during monsters’ turns.

* Combat AI: Custom Difficulty – Guard Castle Hex added.
If you set the CPU Defensive AI to “Guard Castle Hex” in the Custom difficulty settings, the CPU will deploy and keep troops around their castle (base) hex.

* Combat AI: Hard Difficulty – Healing selection algorithm is now more effective.

* Combat AI: Hard Difficulty – Made it easier to target and attack knights.

* Combat AI: All Difficulties – Fixed timing and target of certain buffing spells.

* Added Manage Items function.
Players are able to use of items or changing of equipment across all bases.

* Added function to discard multiple equipment at once.

* Added function to release multiple monsters at once.

* Added Repeat command in Quests to repeat a particular quest every season.

* Display details when collecting items during quest results.

* Added detailed stats page for knights and monsters in Info panel.

* Sort function in Info panel will now remember last sort order.

* Added info for knights in each base on Main Map.

* Added Info and Power Relationship to System Menu.

* Added option for number of front line knights confirmation dialog (can be toggled ON/OFF).

* Game version at start of game and selected difficulty now displayed when replaying battles.

* Increased monster limit from 100 to 200.

* Combat: Increased changeable camera angles (height) from 2 to 3 tiers.

* Combat: Added option for army color-coding (switch between 2 types).

* Combat: Attacks on fainted units will always hit.

* Combat: Added option for a slower battle fast-forward (select from 3 tiers).

* Combat: Shortened display time of healing or poison damage at start of turn.

* Added option for faster cursor speed (select from 4 tiers).

* Adjusted menu behavior to prevent players from accidentally ending their turn.

* Removed level-ups from random events in Challenge Mode.

* Adjusted summoning/organization algorithm to favor monsters with higher costs.

* Fixed a rare GPU-related bug.

* Lowered volume for level-up sound effect.

* Combat: Fixed bug where retreating knights occasionally could not be found in any base.

* Fixed issues related to the recruiting conditions of certain knights.

* Tutorial: Fixed rare bug that occurred during screen transitions.

* Minor text fixes.

* Other minor bug fixes.

* Known bugs (Nintendo Switch: Ver 1.1.2, PlayStation 4: Ver 01.12)

– When a unit with a Lapis Exilis accessory is defeated, they sometimes turn transparent upon revival.
– After inputing certain controls, incorrect numbers are sometimes shown in commands to knights on the main map (quests, movements).
– After inputing certain controls, incorrect colors for total combat power are sometimes shown on the main map.
– When there are knights on the move in Katchana, the display will overlap with the adjacent base of Koaloopa.
– After an event, the next phase sometimes begin with the event BGM still playing.
Scheduled to be fixed in a future patch.