2: Details about difficulty levels

Hello everyone! I’m Igarashi, the producer of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.
As promised, I’ll be talking more about the differences between the game’s Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels.
The passage of time is tracked through the Organization and Attack Phases.
One season consists of one Organization Phase and one Attack Phase, and one year in Runersia has 24 seasons.
The Organization Phase is where you prepare for battle, organize knights and monsters into troops, and place them in bases.
Pay particular attention to bases next to enemy bases, as they have a chance of being invaded.
When attacking an enemy base, your troops will be sent out from an adjacent base.
These front line bases should be reinforced with troops made up of strong knights and monsters.
The Attack Phase is where actual combat takes place and is the most interesting part of the game.
If you’re being invaded or invading an enemy base in this phase, combat takes place on a battle map.
The AI (CPU behavior) of the enemy during these phases will differ greatly depending on the difficulty.

During the Organization Phase of higher difficulty levels, the enemy will form more efficient troops and invade more aggressively.
In Easy Mode, players are helped along in a few ways. For example, quests will not fail and knight recruitment
events appear more frequently.
In the Attack Phase, enemy units will make smarter decisions at a higher difficulty setting.
On the Hard difficulty, the CPU will also take factors like combat power disparity and battlefield location
into consideration when making decisions.
Conversely, enemies in the Normal and Easy difficulty are easier to defeat as they will make mistakes during combat.

This game is about conquering the land of Runersia,
and the time you’re allotted to conquer all of the bases in Runersia differs according to the mode you choose.
In Easy Mode, there’s no time limit. You can take as long as you like to conquer the continent.
In Normal Mode, the time limit is 120 seasons, or five Runersian years, while for Hard Mode, it’s 60 seasons,
or two and a half Runersian years.
The higher the difficulty, the less time you’ll have to train troops and craft strategies for an invasion,
but this challenge is exactly what makes it more fun!
Easy Mode doesn’t have a time limit, so you can send knights out for quests as many times as you like.
This allows you to gain more allies, collect items, and train units, which in turn will strengthen your troops
and make it easier to complete your conquest.

Now, perhaps you’re thinking, “I want challenging CPU enemies, but unlimited time to train my troops.What are my options?”
Personally, I would still recommend the Hard difficulty in this case.
At a certain point in all difficulties, the time limit is lifted, allowing you time to train your troops for as long as you like.

So there you have it! A deeper look into the difficulty levels of the game!
But wait, there’s more! There’s actually a fourth difficulty level in this game!
It’s called Challenge Mode, also known as the Alternate Chapter mode.
This mode is only available after you clear The Legend of Runersia mode.
In this mode, you’re still tasked with conquering Runersia, but you start with 10 Rune Knights of your choice,
one base, and all allies and enemies start from Level 1.
Each of your strategic moves will earn you SS (Strategy Score), so try to see how high of a score you can achieve!
The difficulty for this mode changes based on how high of a score you aim for.
I’ll be covering about Challenge Mode in the next letter.
As always, thank you for reading!