4: Records of History and Options Settings

Hello everyone! I’m Igarashi, the producer of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.
Let’s talk about the Records of History, a mode which allows players to view information about the game.

As you progress through the main mode, a number of story events will take place along the way.
These scenes are represented as pages of The Legend of Runersia, the historical record of this world.
Though believed to have perished in the flames of war, these memories are restored
each time the player views a scene in the game.
And events are only a small part. Plenty of other game data can be viewed in the Records of History as well.

To be more specific, the Records of History keeps track of the following data as you progress:
1) Story Events
Story events and still images of the continent’s history encountered during your playthrough.
2) Battle Dialogs
Special conversations between certain knights on the battlefield.
3) Combat History
An overview of your combat history after clearing main mode, challenge mode, and your Strategy Score (SS).
4) Knight Database
Information about knights you have recruited during the game.
5) Bestiary
Information about monsters you have encountered during the game.
6) Gallery (Game Stills and Music)
View still art you have seen in the game and listen to various game music tracks.

As you can see, your experience determines what the Records of History will contain.
There are over 700 records to collect, adding another element of fun to the game.

Sound and language settings for the game can be configured in the Options menu from the title screen.
The Japanese version defaults to Japanese. English, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese are supported.
Accessing Options while in the game itself allows you to make more changes.
For example, text speed, cursor speed, and toggling attack animations, grids, or observe enemy battles ON/OFF.

Thank you for reading!