3: Alternate Chapter (Challenge Mode)

Hello everyone! I’m Igarashi, the producer of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.

Today, I’ll be sharing more information about the Alternate Chapter, also known as Challenge Mode.
I understand fans have been requesting more information about this mode for some time.
You won’t have to wait much longer! Screencaps and other information will be published by game media soon.
In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak for our social media followers!

Challenge Mode (Alternate Chapter)
This mode unlocks after you’ve cleared Main Mode – The Legend of Runersia.
In a nutshell, it’s a combination of a sandbox mode and a score attack mode.
There isn’t any story, but this mode comes with more freedom and elements of strategy.
Here are some features of this mode.

Sandbox Elements
• Just like in Main Mode, you start by choosing one leader from the six available nations.
• However, you then choose any nine knights and start the game with 10 total Rune Knights.
• Only knights who have already been recruited during Main Mode or Challenge Mode are available.
• Knights of countries only played for a short time will be selectable, even if you haven’t beaten the game.
• You start with only one base.
• All knights and monsters, whether ally or enemy, will start the game at level one.
• Just like Main Mode, you can send units on quests and recruit new knights for your country.
• There are no restrictions for recruitment based on country, so you can focus on lineup instead of loyalty.

Score Attack Elements
• Aim for a high Strategy Score (SS) by using excellent tactical maneuvers.
• The Strategy Score (SS) accumulated can be saved in your war records.
• Just like in the Main Mode, you will get a Game Over if your base count reaches zero.
• Failing to meet any of the 10 victory conditions for continental conquest will also result in a Game Over.
• The game starts in Runersia 781, Season 1. The first victory condition is to occupy 4 bases by Year 781,Season 11.
• All victory conditions are about holding a certain number of bases by a certain time.
• The final condition is to occupy all bases in the continent, thereby achieving continental conquest.
• Each time you meet a victory condition, you will gain Strategy Score (SS).
• All time limits come with a bit of elbow room, so make use of the extra time to strengthen your forces.
• That said, the faster you meet the conditions, the higher your Strategy Score (SS) bonus will be.
• The more conditions you meet, the stronger the CPU becomes, making battles more intense as you progress.
• There are a number of other ways to boost your Strategy Score (SS) as well.
• For example, claiming two bases in one season or winning a battle with only two platoons.
• Milestones such as training 20 monsters to level 20 or owning 30 equipment items will also earn you SS.

• Enemy (CPU) AI is the same as the Main Mode’s Hard difficulty.

We’ve play-tested for many hours, and the game unfolds in a different way each time.
I thought I was pretty good until I asked Ito, our Lead Game Designer, what his score was.
Unfortunately, my skills were above average at best.
If I keep playing and developing new strategies, however, I know I’ll be able to break my record.
Your Strategy Score (SS) can be a conversation point about tactics diversity among other players,
and it’ll help you face the facts about your skill level! This, too, is part of Challenge Mode’s appeal!

What knights, classes, monsters, and strategies will you use to get the highest score?
I’m looking forward to hearing about all of your strategies soon!

Thank you for reading as always!