Letters from the Producer 11: Game Launch

Hello everyone! I’m Igarashi, the producer of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.

As of today, the full version of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia is available for purchase!

To all who took an interest in Brigandine’s world, story, artwork, music, and characters.
To all new fans of the series and/or this genre who are about to embark on their first Brigandine journey.
To all those who love strategy and country conquest simulation games.
To all the fans of the Brigandine series.
To all those who have been waiting patiently for this release.
From the beginning, our goal was to create a wonderful game for all of you to experience.
And now the day has finally come for us to present the result of our efforts! We hope you thoroughly enjoy it!
On behalf of the production and development teams, I would like to sincerely thank everyone<改行>who purchases the game!
We are truly grateful for your support!

An update patch (version 1.0.2) was released today.
Please see the link below for detailed patch notes.
version 1.0.2

Most of the fixes are related to minor bugs. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause,
but please make sure to update your game before playing.

This brings my total producer letter count up to 11.
Though future letters may be irregular, I intend to continue sharing relevant information with fans
through these letters.
I thank you for your continued support.