Letters from the Producer 6: Nation-Based Strategic Difficulty (Part 2)

Hello everyone! I’m Igarashi, the producer of Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia.

Hello again! Lead Game Designer Tasuku Ito here. This will be a continuation of the last letter,
this time focusing on the Holy Gustava Empire, the Mana Saleesia Theocracy, and the United Islands of Mirelva.

(4) Holy Gustava Empire [Difficulty ★★☆]
・ Starts with 6 total bases, 3 of which are front line bases
Although it occupies a massive territory to the north, each base yields very little mana income.
There are three front line bases, two of which are connected to multiple enemy bases.
Recruit knights through quests and choose an invasion route that allows you to boost your strength as you go.

・ Rune Knights
Most knights here are built for offense, like country ruler Tim and Champion Alsin.
Bear in mind, however, that this nation starts out with fewer knights than the others.
That said, knights and monsters here are well-equipped and considered top-class on the continent.
Unlike ruler of other countries, Tim does not have a Brigandine, though that’s not the only thing that
sets them apart from the rest. Intermediate players looking for a challenge may want to choose this country.

(5) Mana Saleesia Theocracy [Difficulty ★★★]
・ Starts with 10 total bases, 5 of which are front line bases
The largest country on the continent with 10 bases that possess quite a large amount of mana.
However, it has five front line bases, making it the most difficult country to start with among the six.

・ Rune Knights
Ruler Rudo is a top-class combatant, and he’s supported by other strong knights like Paladin Kyle.
As there are many front line bases, you need many defending troops, making it hard to send knights on quests.
Figuring out how to attack and defend with sparse forces will test the expert player’s competence.

(6) United Islands of Mirelva [Difficulty: ★★☆]
・ Starts with 7 total bases, 3 of which are front line bases
Mirelva’s battlefields mainly consist of sea terrain.
Enemies must invade one island at a time, making it easier to regroup after being invaded.
However, troops can easily get cut off from the main force if you push your way into the mainland too quickly.

・ Rune Knights
Ruler Stella, Viking Ginny, Berserker Adieu, and other knights are a rough lot, true to their pirate roots.
This means knights with recovery magic are few and far between.
The main characteristic of this country is knights who specialize in going on the offensive.
Add monsters like Unicorns that can cast recovery spells to your platoons to make up for this.

The three countries here each have unique features that make them suitable for intermediate to expert players.
That’s all from me for the game’s nation-based strategic difficulty level.
Thanks for reading and all the best!